Horizontal Cat

Original Art Created digitally by RAClohessyOriginal Art Created digitally by RAClohessyOriginal Art Created digitally by RAClohessyOriginal Art Created digitally by RAClohessy

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The Dancers
I was learning how to use the straight and curved line tools.

I am Richard A Clohessy, I create art and designs using bright bold colours and strong shapes. I work in MS Paint net and Paint 3D. The designs are printed on canvas or paper. They are available in a range of different sizes.


Cat with tongue out

My work will be on sale at the Arts and Crafts Collective

 93 Causewayside, Edinburgh,EH91QG.

From the Ist December.


Pink Hills

All art is marmite, some people may love it some people will hate it. What ever people feel is neither right or wrong merely an opinion and debate about art is ok. 



The site is still  being tweaked, However you can contact me by e-mail to order prints. Any feedback on how the site works, or any issues with moving around the site please let me know..



I was 59 recently and this setting up a business and trying to sell my own art is a little bit scary. There are so many what - ifs and I don't know the answer to them, but each day I learn a bit more . I have now started working in acrylics.

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If theories come up about my work or how I work . I will endeavour to answer them. I don't really know how to classify what I do. I guess what I do and have done will be defined by what other people say.

About Me


Inside My Head

I am originally from Coventry and trained in catering. I moved to Edinburgh in 1986 as a deputy hotel manager, loved the city and never left. I had two great teachers at school, one gave me a love of art the other a love of classical music I can only thank them for both.  Fast forward some 23 years and I was having some mental health issues due to stress at work, anxiety attacks and depression. I was signed off  for six months ill and underwent counselling. A friend introduced me to MS paint and I started to doodle in my spare time. The creation of art helped me cope through the day, although some of my creations often reflect good days and bad day. I found the creations acted as a conduit to release any pressure I felt. I retired in September 2018 and showed them to my ten year old son - he liked them I hope you do too. 

My Medium

Le Peloton

Most of my work is on paint and paint 3D.  My work is then printed on canvas. I found learning how to use the paint system and how colours worked led me to be creative. I would play with shapes and use of blocks of colour, if I liked it I saved it and sometimes even if I didn't like I save it.  

My Inspiration


Much of my work is abstract and I use bright bold colours in blocks. I often never know what I am doing till I have started. However on occasions I do have an idea and off I go. Much of what I do in the use of colour is purely intuitive I go with what feels right.  Once I am finished I rotate the picture, sometimes it is shown different to how it was created.